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STORY BY ED BAUS PHOTOS COURTESY OF 360FLY T echnology in video recording and presentation has been moving forward just as quickly as other technologies. As racers, we have seen advancements in video recording add value to our post-race evaluation and entertainment. Not long ago, a new generation of sport video devices came to market and they are now making their way into auto racing, and that is the 360-degree camera. As the name suggests, the 360-degree camera takes a video of everything around it. The video image is then processed so that the viewer is watching a fairly normal view of the standard video frame, but with a twist. Because the camera has recorded everything around it, with a swipe of the mouse or finger, you control what you are watching. If you want 360-DEGREE CAMERAS T E C H M A T T E R S ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY OPENS A NEW DIMENSION FOR CAPTURING RACING VIDEO. to see next to you or behind you, simple controls allow for this. No longer do you need to worry about a front- facing camera with picture- in-picture of the rear-facing camera and then missing the view to the side of the car. After seeing a sample video and talking briefly with the owner of the camera, I took the plunge. I chose the 360fly. The 360fly is available at many retailers, including Best Buy. For $400 it comes with the camera, two different double- faced tape mounts, a charging/ sync base and a tilt mount. The setup is simple and the basic functions of the software are straightforward. The video needs to be viewed from a supported platform or website. For the 360fly, this includes You Tube and Facebook. Some browsers aren't yet compatible with the technology, Apple's Safari, for example. Additional accessories include various mounts and a Google Cardboard viewer that allows you to turn your smart phone into an interactive experience like no other. Live streaming also is available with the 22 There is no need to point the camera in the right direction because it records everything around it. Think about how helpful 360-degree videos would be for investigating racing incidents.

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