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Flowmaster Mufflers to Support United States Touring Car Championship Teams in 2017 Flowmaster Mufflers will be supporting United States Touring Car Championship teams during the 2017 season. One driver at each race will win the Flowmaster Award, a $500 certificate for Flowmaster products to help make their cars faster. Thirty years ago, Flowmaster mufflers were conceived as a solution to sound issues at racetracks in California and beyond. In its effort to quiet race cars without reducing performance, Flowmaster refused to accept the status quo of the day, and instead pushed exhaust technology beyond common thinking. Flowmaster has continued to embrace new technologies in the automotive world, while continuing to deliver outstanding sound and performance benefits to all types of vehicles, from its legendary chambered mufflers as well as its laminar-flow designs.  The USTCC season began March 18 in Las Vegas, and the race was shown on Comcast Sports Channel, one of the NBC Sports networks. Hawk Contingency Program Revised for 2017 Although the Hawk Performance contingency program may look the same, there are some big changes this year. For the first time, NASA competitors finishing first through fifth are eligible for Hawk Bucks. Not only will Hawk Performance provide more NASA competitors with more awards, but it also has made a new-for-2017 program for NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill competitors. “This new program from Hawk Performance continues to demonstrate how important NASA competitors are to the Hawk family,” said Jeremy Croiset, NASA Director of Business Development. “This new program makes more awards available to more NASA competitors making it easier than ever to save money on your racing endeavors. My hat’s off to our Official Brake Supplier.” Not only are competitors eligible to win up to $100 per weekend toward the purchase of Hawk Performance products, but they also can combine those rewards toward their purchase. The program is available to all NASA competitors beginning immediately, and includes any events that preceded this announcement for the 2017 season. For complete details, visit www.nasaproracing.com/contingencies. Time Trial Now Eligible For AST Contingencies While otherwise similar to last year’s arrangement, the AST Suspensions contingency program is now open to Time Trial drivers at regional events. NASA Eastern and Western States Championships participants will have the opportunity to win a generous $1,000 credit in any of the 31 eligible classes. Second place will be able to claim $500 in AST credit, while third place can claim $250 in credit. AST Suspension North America credit may be redeemed toward the purchase of any new AST 4100, 5100, 5200 or 5300 series dampers, or Moton Club Sport, three-way or four-way dampers. Alternatively, the credit also can go toward the rebuild of current AST/Moton dampers. The program will be made available immediately to all NASA competitors across all classes listed. For complete details, visit http://www.nasaproracing.com/contingencies. BFGoodrich, Hoosier and Maxxis Renew Contingency Programs If you’re looking for race rubber, NASA recently announced a bevy of programs from BFGoodrich, Hoosier and Maxxis, for competitors across the NASA spectrum. BFGoodrich will provide tires to NASA competitors participating regionally and at either NASA Championships event. The program provides tire awards to drivers in American Iron Extreme, German Touring Series, Performance Touring, Super Touring, Super Unlimited, as well as all endurance racing classes. Hoosier will continue its contingency program, which is available to all NASA competitors beginning immediately, and includes any events that preceded this announcement for the 2017 season openers. In other news, the 2017 Maxxis contingency program is available to all NASA competitors, now including the Western Endurance Racing Championship series, beginning immediately. New for 2017, Maxxis is extending its contingency program to all NASA Rally Sport drivers competing on the Maxxis Victra R19 rally tire. For complete details on all tire contingency programs, visit: https://www.nasaproracing.com/contingencies ASK NATIONAL Q: Lots of rules have been removed from the Endurance Racing Regulations. Why is that? A: The 2017 version of these rules have been reduced in size. NASA has removed many items that are either duplicative of the CCR and/or issues covered elsewhere. Caution: Deletion of a statement does not necessarily indicate a change in the rules. For example, a statement such as, “NASA officials reserve the right to make changes ...” does not mean that NASA gives up that right. That right may be found elsewhere in applicable rules. Q: Also, endurance racing regulations stipulate that “no more than 10 gallons of gas from two NASA-approved standard 5-gallon plastic fuel containers may be put in the car during any pit stop.” What if a car has a 15-gallon fuel tank? Why can’t a team fill it all the way? A: That rule only applies for races that our six hours and longer, and only for the E0, E1, E2, and E3 classes. Those classes have more restrictive rules to help keep costs down and keep a level playing field. All OEM tanks will hold at least 10 gallons. However, only some vehicles have larger OEM tanks and they would have an advantage. For races shorter than six hours it’s of minimal advantage. Do you have a question for NASA National staff? Send them to SpeedNewsEditor@drivenasa.com. SN

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